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Vest Airway Clearance System Cough Assist Device

Vest Airway Clearance System Cough Assist Device

Insufflator exsufflato machine. Structure and composition: Mainly by the host, transmission system and treatment head. Application scope: Assists in postoperative or frail patients to enhance the ability to remove sputum and improve stasis of pulmonary blood circulation.

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    Place of Origin:China (Mainland)          Brand Name:HINOR                                       Model Number:HICAS3000

    Type:airway clearance system              Function:cough assist device                        Frequency:5-15/22Hz

    Pressure:1.5-4.0KPa                             Timer:1-15min                                                 Input power:500w

    Weigh:6.5kg                                            Size:28*26*22cm                                           Certificate:ISO CE

    Packaging & Delivery:

    Packaging Details:Cartons in pallets

    Delivery Time:3-10 days


    Vibratory phlegm spatula is the use of low-frequency vibration, deep penetration, can effectively remove airway secretions, combined with its antispasmodic and promote the role of serous cell secretion, to maintain airway patency than other methods have obvious advantages, applicable to Need to address patients with pulmonary ventilation disorders.

    Scope of application:

           Applicable to a variety of causes of increased respiratory secretions, patients with poor discharge, and promote the investigation of patients with sputum; assist postoperative, frail patients with enhanced ability to exclude respiratory secretions such as sputum, improve the lungs of stasis The status of blood circulation prevents or reduces the occurrence of respiratory complications.


         1, low-frequency force can be transmitted through the cortex, muscle, tissue to the small bronchi

         2, without posture coordination, any position can be operated

         3, can maintain a constant rate

         4, for different patients, conditions, adjustable frequency

         5, strong, stable, continuous

         6, the patient is easy to accept

         7, simple and labor-saving

         8, not easy to fatigue

         9, after surgery: not easy to cause knife edge cracking

        10, tremor penetrating power


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