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Cough Assist Device Clearance System

HINOR Cough Assist Device Clearance System Assessment: to understand the patient's condition, weight, physical strength, whether there is pulmonary infection, or not. Chest radiograph can be used to understand the location of infection through chest radiograph, auscultation lung and location of rales.

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    Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Brand Name:HINOR Model Number:HICAS3000

    Type:airway clearance system Function:cough assist device Frequency:5-15/22Hz

    Pressure:1.5-4.0KPa Timer:1-15min Input power:500w

    Weight:6.5kg Size:28*26*22cm Certificate:ISO CE

    The use of vibration sputum exhaust machine

    1.Prepare items

    (1) First, connect the power supply, choose the appropriate knocking head and put on disposable headgear

    to avoid cross infection.

    (2) Choose the frequency (20-30cps) and time of vibrating Sputum Ejection Machine (2-4 times a day,

    5-20 minutes each time).

    (1) The patient's lateral position, direct the percussion head on the chest, one hand gently grip

    the percussion head handle, the other hand to lead the percussion head, light pressure, in order

    to feel the patient's reaction. It
    (2) The order of vibration is: from up to down, from outside to inside, each part taps for about

    30 seconds, then moves to the next part until the whole chest (avoiding the scapula and the spine).

    For infected areas, the percussion time should be prolonged, the frequency increased, and the

    pressure on the percussion head should be increased by hand, so as to promote the deep sputum excretion.

    (3) When you finish one side, turn over the patient to the other side.

    (4) The sputum should be absorbed in time after the vibration of sputum.
    (5) After expectoration, we should observe the changes of sputum volume, nature and color.

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