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Buy compressed atomizer, pay attention to the following:
- Apr 20, 2017 -

First, the compressor

1, noise: atomizer noise size is an important indicator of its quality

Noise, will affect the already poor patient mood.

Most of the noise on the market for compressed nebulizers is around 80 decibels, while the quality of the compressed atomizer noise should be less than 65 decibels.

The noise of the machine can generally be felt, and the manufacturer does not mark the noise value of the machine. While the noise of small machines, manufacturers will be marked.

2, vibration: accompanied by noise is vibration

In general, the noise, then the vibration must not be small.

3, fever, and with the noise, vibration followed, is the heat problem

Noise, vibration of the machine, the heat must be more.

In fact, the above three are the loss of energy. Therefore, the nominal power of the compressed atomizer is not as good as the better.

Large but noisy (large vibration, heat) of the machine, most of its energy has been wasted.

4, atomized particles: the size of the relationship directly to the atomization effect, smaller (less than 2.5μm) of the atomized particles, can reach the lower respiratory tract and alveolar, the general manufacturers to provide the specifications of the parameters which indicate the size of atomized particles, atomization Particle labeling generally involves the size of the drug particles, the average particle size (MMAD), the average median size (MMD), etc., and the size of the atomized particles by the compressor and atomization cup two factors, the compressor to provide constant pressure air , The process of atomizing the cup determines the level of the particle size.