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Oxygen Content Detector Operation Method:
- Apr 20, 2017 -

1, open the instrument: press the "" key will be issued two short beep, the instrument boot.

2, turn off the instrument: in the measurement state, press the "" key screen appears 5 seconds countdown, and then sound prompt shutdown, such as press "" key time is insufficient, will automatically return to the measurement state.

3, the lack of electricity: When the instrument's battery power is lower than the default value, will stimulate the sound, light undervoltage alarm, suggesting that the operator needs to charge less than electricity. Undervoltage alarm, in addition to sound and light alarm screen will display the detection of failure symbols, while detection through the symbol and the battery undervoltage symbols flash together. When the battery is exhausted, the detection failure symbol and the battery undervoltage symbol flashes at the same time, the screen "battery off" (battery off) character prompt, the instrument will automatically shut down.

When the undervoltage alarm occurs, the operator should charge the instrument shutdown, charging about 4-6 hours.