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Sprayer Development History
- Apr 20, 2017 -

In rural areas, the sprayer is an important farmer for the prevention and control of pests and diseases.

The last century, a large collective age, farmers grow a single species, the size of wheat or rape on the stubble, mostly in the next crop of rice, cash crops in addition to melon, perhaps cotton, soybeans. At that time the sprayer was a 80 cm high, about 25 cm in diameter cylinder. Sprayed on the ground to play enough gas, and then back in the back, so exhausted, liquid matte surface becomes smaller, and then put on the ground enough to play, and then ... ... so repeated. Time-consuming, half a day can not play a few barrels of medicine.

In the early 1980s, the land contract right to the hands of farmers, large group of agricultural tools are also discounted to the households. At that time, most of the 2-3 households to share a sprayer, a family only has 1 / 3-1 / 2 units, spraying pest control, two or three farmers to make, make do with.

Slowly, farmers on their own contract to start scientific management, higher than anyone else's food production, than the watermelon sweet, more than anyone else to sell more cotton. This way, two or three together with a sprayer seems powerless. Insect pests occur in the same period, said spraying are spraying, or to delay the best pest control time. ...