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The Function And Principle Of Ozone Detector
- Apr 20, 2017 -

Ozone detector is mainly used for ozone preparation workshop (ozone generator, ozone plant, etc.), chemical, petroleum, paper, textile, pharmaceutical and flavor fragrance industry, water treatment, food and medicine sterilization workshop and other occasions.

Ozone detector detection principle of semiconductor theory (British E2V), electrochemical detection principle, the principle of ultraviolet light and so on. Here is the main way to introduce the third method, that is, ultraviolet light method.

We know that there is a layer of ozone on the Earth's atmosphere, scientists have found that the ozone layer can absorb ultraviolet light, studies have shown that ozone only 253.7nm wavelength of ultraviolet radiation has the largest absorption coefficient, at this wavelength of ultraviolet light through the ozone will be attenuated, Bill's Law. The method has been used by the United States and other countries as the ozone standard analysis method. The ozone detector is the principle of UV absorption method, with a stable UV light source to produce ultraviolet light, with a light filter filter out other wavelengths of ultraviolet light, allowing only wavelength 253.7nm through. After the sample photoelectric sensor, and then through the ozone absorption tank, to reach the sampling photoelectric sensor. Through the sample photoelectric sensor and sampling photoelectric sensor electrical signal comparison, and then through the mathematical model of the calculation, you can get the size of the ozone concentration.