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10L Portable Home Fill Glass Blowing Glass Art Oxygen Concentrator Regulator

10L Portable Home Fill Glass Blowing Glass Art Oxygen Concentrator Regulator

Description of 10lpm flow rate electric medical oxygen concentrator : The POCA03-10L with 10lpm flow rate, it is electric medical oxygen concentrator machine for medical store, intended for use as an oxygen...

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The POCA03-10L with 10lpm flow rate is an electric glass blowing oxygen concentrator machine for medical store, whihch aim to use as an oxygen concentrator to provide supplemental low flow oxygen therapy in the home, nursing homes , patient care facilities, etc. It is with alarm function with Power failure alarm and low oxygen purity alarm.

Detailed info

1. Fashionable appearance;
2. Lightest in weight;
3. easy to move with handle and wheels;
4. PSA technology, no need to add chemical materials;
5. High oxygen purity:≥90%@8L;
6. 100% self-patented core components

7. OEM service availa






Delivery Rate (Lower delivery rates available for low application)

1 to 10 LPM


Outlet Pressure

21 psi


Electrical Rating

220 V, 50 Hz, 2.5A (Max.)


Oxygen Percentage

1~8 LPM 93%±2% 9~10 LPM 83%±2%


Operating Environment Range

Temperature 10℃ to 35℃,

Humidity 30% to70%

Atmospheric pressure 50~106 kpa (7.3~15.4 psi)



20 kilograms


Sound Level ( ISO 8359:1996 from front )

43~45dbA ( overall average )




Preparing to operate the art glass blowing oxygen concentrator:

1. Before operating your unit always checks to be sure the air filter (located on the back of your unit) is clean .Proper cleaning of this filter is discussed in the Caring for Your Concentrator section on page 7.

2. Attach the appropriate oxygen accessories to the oxygen outlet.

Oxygen Tubing Connection:

a. Thread the oxygen outlet connector onto the oxygen outlet.

b. Attach the oxygen tubing directly to the connector.(Figure 3)

Figure 3

Oxygen Tubing Connection with Humidification:

If your physician has prescribed an glass blowing oxygen concentrator regulator as part of therapy,

Follow these steps:

a. Fill the humidifier bottle with distilled water. Do not overfill.

b. Thread the wing nut located on the top of the humidifier bottle to the oxygen outlet so that it is suspended(Figure 4).Make sure it is securely tightened.

c. Attach the oxygen tubing directly to the humidifier bottle outlet fitting.(Figure 5)

Your physician has prescribed either a nasal cannula, catheter, or face mask, in most cases, they are already attached to the oxygen tubing .If not, follow the manufacture’s instructions for attachment.

Figure 4

Figure 5


Packing picture


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