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15L 20L Industrial Industry High Flow Oxygen Generator Plant

15L 20L Industrial Industry High Flow Oxygen Generator Plant

15L 20L industrial industry high flow oxygen generator plant indstrial oxygen plant POCA-15L 20L Description: POCA-20L industry high flow oxygen generator station is widely used in medical, water treatment and others filds. PSA oxygen producing method makes this oxygen concentrator safe and...

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Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas, which is an important substance for human beings and other animals and plants. Without oxygen, nature would be lifeless, as important as water. Our high flow oxygen generator is easy to use and easy to move. It is widely used and indispensable for all industries, including medical and health aquaculture, oxygenation, fresh air system and other fields.

PSA oxygen producing method makes this industry oxygen generator safe and economical. It can work anywhere oxygen and electricity are available. Designed with timing function, our product will stop running automatically when it reaches to the preset time.


1. Automatic on and off

2. Manually remove the alarm

3. Audio, visual alarm for high & low pressure

4. Emergency stop button

5. Full digital control system

6. Low purity alarm function


1. The oxygen concentrator is often utilized in small sized hospitals or clinics for oxygen supply, by connecting with the central oxygen supply equipment.

2. Our oxygen generators with outlet pressure of 0.4Mpa (4 bar/60PSI) can be used for oxygen supply for 5-7 patients at the same time; while 0.14Mpa (1.4 bar/20PSI) machines are great for 1-3 patients and are often connected with long tubes of 50 meters.

3. The machine is also typically connected with the anesthesia machine or ventilator in operating theaters or ICU wards.

4. It can also be used for oxygen supply in gas welding and glass cutting industries.

5. It has also found applications in fish farming and veterinary industries.




Oxygen flow (L/min)


Oxygen concentration

93% (±3%)

Outlet pressure (Mpa)


Rated power (VA)


Operation voltage(V/Hz)

AC220V/110V (±10%), 50/60Hz (±1Hz)


low/high pressure; temperature (optional); low concentration (optional); maintenance reminding after 3000 hours' operation (optional)

Noise level (dB)


LCD display



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