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Easy Use Portable Oxygen Concentrator

1.High pressure alarm 2.High temperature compressor shut down 3.Low pressure alarm 4.Low oxygen purity alarm 5.Current overload shutdown and reset 6.Power loss alarm 7.Time account 8.For COPD patients

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Product Details

Easy Use Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

Perfect Oxygen Model

When compare with other models, The POCA06-10L Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) is the perfect product to help you reduce costly cylinder deliveries and allow for your patients ease of mobility at the same time. It is a high flow oxygen concentrator that can delivers up to 10 LPM. It also has a high pressure capacity of 21 psi, which is approximately three times higher than most oxygen concentrators. High pressure and high flow oxygen combine to add more utility to the Intensity Oxygen Concentrator. For instance, the Intensity Concentrator can provide oxygen for large volume jet nebulizers, venti-masks, medication nebulizers, long oxygen tubing or dual flow. This machine is a stationary oxygen concentrator that may be used for homecare as will as clinical applications.

POCA06-10L Features & Benefits

1.Smooth, quiet operation.

2.Power-efficient, saving you electric expenses.

3.Single or dual flow options.

4.Alarms (Power Failure,High Temperature, Power Failure, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Low Concentration)

Product Components:

1.POCA06-10L model

2.AC power cord 

3.Oxygen pipe

4.User manual

Intended to make it easier to balance the demands of oxygen therapy to maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle.


2 years.







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