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Fish Farming Oxygen Generators On Site Gas Systems

Fish Farming Oxygen Generators On Site Gas Systems

It’s well known in the aquaculture industry that oxygen generation is extremely beneficial for fish farms and hatcheries. Since the quality of the water determines the quality of the fish, it’s paramount that a steady oxygen supply is always available. The HINOR POCA06-10L oxygen concentrator. Being used in fish farming filed with rugulator need no gas, 24/7 days working.Max delivery rate is 10 LPM.Making merely use ordinary clean dry compressed air to get the job done. Using Pressure Swing Adsorption, our onsite oxygen generators are essentially a plug-it-in-and-forget-it type of operation.

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Oxygen is essential for fish and nitrifying bacteria.Nature of the natural flow of water, oxygen can fully dissolved in water, to provide conditions for aquatic life, but in the aquarium water relatively closed, low oxygen, especially when the water temperature is high, the oxygen will reduce with the temperature increase, for those high oxygen fish (such as: 7 colour, goldfish), or raising high density of aquatic animals box, light by filtering flow of oxygen to supply the needs of the fish, at this point you may need to add a "oxygen supply system".

Detailed Info:

1.Long time working 24h/7days

2.PSA technology, need no chemicals.
3.Over 90% oxygen delivery from 1-10LPM.
4.Easy to move with handle and wheel.
5.Timer function.
6.Big screen, simple operation, safe and reliable.


1Delivery Rate
1 - 10LPM
2Oxygen Percentage83% 3% at 10LPM
3Average Oxygen PurityAt 2L/M: 94%
4Outlet Pressure12PSI
5Electrical Rating220V,50HZ/110V,60HZ
6Sound Level55 dbA
9Operating SystemsTime Cycle / Pressure Swing

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