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1-5 Setting Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Generator

Our battery oxygen concentrators have many advantages: 1.Most of the batteries currently on the market can only be used for 1 hour after being fully charged. Our battery can last at least for 2 hours. 2. Imported molecular sieve from USA, over 30000 hours life and the machine can 24 hours/7 days working.   3. Three power suppliers: a. Can be used in cars. b. Can be uesd with an rechargeable battery. c. Can be used with plug.   We have our own engineers can provide one-on-one technical support and OEM service.

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Product Details

1-5 Setting Continuous flow portable oxygen generator

Stay Active

Enjoy your freedom and stay active thanks to this lightweight device equipped with 2 hours of standard battery life. The batteries store conveniently in the pouches located on either side of the carrying bag.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy convenient, portable oxygen with sensitive breath detection.

Lightweight and Descreet in Size

Equipped with 1-5 setting is designed to meet the needs of oxygen users without adding the extra weight of higher flow units. Discreet in size, it is perfect for helping you maintain your active lifestyle whether it is playing a round of golf or going out for a night of dinner and dancing.

Focus Features

1.Simple to use – no settings to adjust and one touch operation.


3.Equipped with carry bag and trolley.

4.Can exchange batteries for long durations.

5.Fully functional on wall (AC) or motor vehicle (DC) power.





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