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2019 New Model Continuous And Pulse Flow Oxygen Concentrator With Rechargeable Battery

1.Most of the batteries currently on the market can only be used for 1 hour after being fully charged. Our battery can last at least for 2 hours. 2.Imported solenoid sieve from USA, over 30000 hours life and the machine can 24 hours/7 days working.   3. Three power suppliers: a. Can be used in cars. b. Can be uesd with an rechargeable battery. c. Can be used with plug.   We have our own engineers can provide one-on-one technical support and OEM service.

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2019 New Model Continuous and Pulse Flow Oxygen Concentrator with Rechargeable Battery


An oxygen concentrator is a medical grade device which is used to deliver oxygen to patients with breathing related disorders. Patients with lower than normal oxygen concentration within their blood may require the use of such an oxygen concentrator to compensate for that oxygen.


Oxygen concentrators will filter the surrounding air, compress it to required density and then they deliver purified, medical grade oxygen in a continuous stream or a pulse-dose delivery system to the patient. The oxygen concentrator is also equipped with special sieve beds and filters, and these will help removing the Nitrogen from the air, in order to deliver fully purified oxygen to the patient. The concentrators also have an electronic user interface that can be used to adjust the oxygen concentration levels and the delivery settings. Then, patients inhale the oxygen through a special mask or a nasal cannula.


1.Improved physical exercise tolerance.

2.Better quality of sleep and life in general.

3.Better mental alertness.

4.Improved general mood- performance, self-esteem and cognition.

5.Travel wherever you want, whenever you want taking your much needed oxygen with you. No more boundaries.








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