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Hacenor 2L Continuous And Pulse (5 Setting) Flow Battery Oxygen Concentrator

1.Most of the batteries currently on the market can only be used for 1 hour after being fully charged. Our battery can last at least for 2 hours. 2.Imported molecular sieve from USA, over 30000 hours life and the machine can 24 hours/7 days working.   3. Three power suppliers: a. Can be used in cars. b. Can be uesd with an rechargeable battery. c. Can be used with plug.   We have our own engineers can provide one-on-one technical support and OEM service.

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Hacenor 2L Continuous and pulse (5 setting) flow battery oxygen concentrator

Continuous Flow Mode

In Continuous Flow mode, a constant flow of oxygen is supplied based on the setting number (in liters per minute). When the desired mode appears in the display, stop pressing the button and wait. The display will return to the run time screen of the mode you selected, and the device will operate in this mode.

Pulse Mode

When machine is in the Pulse mode, it detects when the user begins to take a breath and then delivers a pulsed volume of oxygen determined by the setting number, during inhalation.

Powered for success

One of the keys to Hacenor's portability is it's lightweight and compact battery (like those found in many laptop computers). Hacenor's battery is immediately accessible and can be easily switched out when a new battery is needed. There are no awkward external battery belts or connectors that get in the way, or hard-to-maintain internal batteries. The basic Hacenor system comes with one Lithium Ion battery so you don't have to buy more batteries than you need. But if you want more power, extra batteries fit easily into the Hacenor's zippered pouch or handy accessories bag. Want more time away from fixed power sources? Simply take along more batteries.

Easy to use & understand

The Hacenor Independence sets a new standard for convenience and ease of use for oxygen patients. Simple buttons control the machine's primary functions, and a large, intuitive LCD screen provides visual feedback and information to assist in operation. The screen even changes color: turning yellow or red to warn users when it is time to change the battery or if service is required.









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