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Hinor Portable Oxygen Concentrator

1.Our battery can last at least for 2 hours, This is difficult for some manufacturers to do.   2.Imported molecular sieve, over 30000 hours life and the machine can 24 hours/7 days working.   3. Three power suppliers: a. Can be used in cars. b. Can be uesd with an rechargeable battery. c. Can be used with plug. In oxygen concentrator field we are a distributor and manufacturer, so we have very competitive factory prices.   We have our own engineers, and when you place a big order in the future, we can provide you with customized services.

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Product Details

Portable oxygen therapy doesn’t have to be a hassle. the portable oxygen concentrator. Weighing a mere 5.2KG, the compact oxygen concentrator easily fits into its purpose-built satchel for go-anywhere portability. But small stature doesn’t equate to lackluster performance, with the delivering effective supplemental oxygen with multiple flow settings. Add in the battery pack, which offers up to 2 hours of cordless power, and the result for patients is a reliable, real-world solution for portable oxygen therapy.

POC-06PLUS Oxygen Concentrator Features:

1.Lightweight oxygen concentrator weighs 6.5 KG (battery included).

2.Compact size and lightweight design offer convenient portability with shoulder satchel.

3.Delivers supplemental oxygen in 5 flow settings (1-5L).

4.Easy-to-read LCD user interface.

5.Lithium-ion battery pack delivers up to 2 hours of cordless oxygen delivery.

6.Portable DC charger for use with supplemental power supplies, like an automotive 12V plug.

7.AC power supply adapts to variations in domestic and international voltages between 100-200V.


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