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Potable Oxygen Concentrator With 3 Power Supply Modes

1.Most of the batteries currently on the market can only be used for 1 hour after being fully charged. Our battery can last at least for 2 hours. 2. Imported molecular sieve from USA, over 30000 hours life and the machine can 24 hours/7 days working.   3. Three power suppliers: a. Can be used in cars. b. Can be uesd with an rechargeable battery. c. Can be used with plug.

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Potable oxygen concentrator with 3 power supply modes

1.Hinor Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a compact and lightweight continous flow concentrator designed to be easily carried where ever you need to go.It can be operated from three different power sources - AC power, DC power and rechargeable batteries. An LCD screen panel with intuitive buttons are positioned on the top of the machine for easy access even when the concentrator is placed in the carry bag. An optional rucksack is available for hands-free portability. Hinor is designed for people with an independent and active lifestyle. Its robust and rugged construction allows you to press ahead with your everyday life confident that it will continue to perform.

2.Hinor Portable Concentrator: Small, lightweight portable oxygen machine can be used for a variety of different activities.

AC and DC Power: Equipped with both an AC and a DC unit that allows it to be charged conveniently from both an AC power source or a DC power source.

Battery Pack: Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, comfortable and hassle-free.




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