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O2 EWOT Exercise Oxygen Therapy System Mask

EWOT Oxygen generator: Makes oxygen from room air. No maintenance. Minimum requirement 5LPM (liters per minute). Suggested 10LPM. Add multiple generators to increase fill time. Generator makes 93% oxygen. Normal air is 21% oxygen.

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5L.5Lportable industry oxygen concentrator

You can easily breathe up to 70 liters per minute during exercise. However, oxygen generators do not make more than 10LPM. 

It cannot even meet the demands at rest sitting on your couch (which is about 12LPM). 

This means you cannot meet all your demands for oxygen with a generator. Not matter what mask you have, 

when you connect to a oxygen generator you would have to breathe about 60% slower than your resting pace. 

This is why you need to fill a 900 liter bag up first so you can inhale each breath no matter how deep or fast, 93% O2. 

Flow rate:1-10L/MPower:500w
Size:342mm(L) x368mm(W) x572mm(H)

     Oxygen Percentage:1~9 LPM 93%±2%,10 LPM 90%±3


Certificate:CE FDA ISO


Type:Breathing ApparatusElectrical Requirements:AC 220V/50Hz ,AC110V/60Hz


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