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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

HINOR POC-03C is our 5Liter 93% purity portable oxygen concentrator. The maximum flow is 5PLM. The imported molecular sieve has a life of more than 30,000 hours. Can be used anywhere. Household oxygen generators are suitable for oxygen therapy and oxygen health care. With the continuous improvement and improvement of living standards, the demand for health has gradually increased and oxygen intake has gradually become a trend in family health care and community rehabilitation.

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Type:Breathing Apparatus Color:Blue-White

Flow rate:1-5L/M Oxygen Purity:Over93% Noise:45dBA

Outlet pressure:8.5psi Power:195w Weight:7.6Kg

Size:(L)375*(W)210* (H)333mm


  • Packaging Details: Each one in a small carton, and two samll carton in a big carton.

  • Delivery Time: Shipped in 7 days after payment

hinor 3L white color oxygen concentrator.jpgHinor medical 3L oxygen concentrator.pngHinor OEM oxygen concentrator.png

1.O2 On/Off Button

2.Power supply indicator

3.Working status indicator

4.Time set+

5.Time set-

6.Cumulative time

7.Temperture alarm

8.Timer indicator



Which Populations Are Suitable for Oxygen Therapy Using Household Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen therapy is a medical measure to relieve or correct the body's hypoxic state by increasing the concentration of oxygen in the inhaled gas.

Oxygen therapy indications: Arterial hypoxemia, hypoxia, or arterial hypoxemia, but the body is at high risk of hypoxia and/or can not tolerate hypoxia.

The indications generally fall into the following three situations:

1. Hypoxemia with normal ventilation

After anesthesia, chest and abdominal surgery, central nervous system disorders, and drug sedation.

2. Hypoxemia with (or without) hypoventilation

Chronic lung disease, excessively wide anesthesia in the spinal canal, respiratory failure, respiratory distress, heartbeat and respiratory arrest, CO poisoning.

3. High-risk patients without hypoxemia

Patients during anesthesia, coma patients, severe respiratory infections, major bleeding, anemia, and various critically ill patients.

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