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5L Mediclal Portable Oxygen Conentrator Machine for Patients POCA06

5L mediclal portable oxygen conentrator machine for patients POCA06 POCA06 5L mediclal portable oxygen conentrator description: The HINOR POCA06 is a medical portable oxygen concentrator machine for COPD patients and other oxygen therapy .Max flow rate is 5L with digital flow meter or normal...

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Product Details


Our oxygen concentrator machine takes the air as the raw material, does not need any auxiliary material and uses the pressure swing adsorption method to separate the oxygen in the air and nitrogen, then removes the harmful material in the air, thus acquires the high concentration oxygen which conforms to the medical standard. It provides you with 93% pure oxygen to meet all requirements and costs less to install and run than bottled or liquefied oxygen.

It is a medical oxygen conentrator for patients and other oxygen therapy with the advantages of small size and low power consumption.

Detailed info

Appearance: the appearance design is exquisite and simple, convenient for patients to control, safer operation and quieter operation at the same time.

Save electricity: The product uses less power in the same industry and can save up to 20 percent more electricity.

Large screen operation: more convenient, the screen brightness can be adjusted.

Wide application: Brain workers, students, white-collar workers; Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; Patients with respiratory diseases; People over 60 years old.etc.

Front View (Figure 1)

1. Power Switch



2. Circuit breaker – (selected units) resets the unit after electrical overload shutdown.

3. Humidifier

4. Oxygen outlet—oxygen is dispersed through this port

5. Flow meter

6. Flow meter knob

7. Monitor-indicate the condition of system pressure status; oxygen purity status and hour meter

8. Green Power light—illuminates when your concentrator is operating

9. Normal Oxygen (green) light-(the LED display normal oxygen)

10. Low Oxygen (yellow) light-(the LED display low oxygen)

11. Red Service Required light—when illuminated contact your HINOR Medical provider

12. castor

Back View (Figure 2)

13. Air filter—prevents dirt, dust, and lint from entering your unit

14. Product specification lable

15. Exhaust

16. Power cord and /or IEC power connector



Product Name5L medical portable oxygen concentrator



Delivery Rate

0.5 to 5 LPM

Outlet Pressure

8.5 psi ( 58.6 kpa )

Electrical Rating

230 V, 50 Hz, 1.4A (Max.)

Oxygen Percentage

1~5 LPM 93%±2%

Average oxygen concentration

at 2 l/min: 94%



Sound Level



342mm(L)x368mm(W) x572mm(H)

Operating System

Time Cycle / Pressure Swing




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