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Respiratory Electric Oxgen Concentrator Therapy Equipment POCA03

Respiratory Electric Oxgen Concentrator Therapy Equipment POCA03

respiratory electric oxgen concentrator therapy equipment POCA03 POCA03 Description of respiratory electric oxgen concentrator: The HINOR POCA03 is our respiratory electric oxgen concentrator therapy equipment, with flow rate is 1-5L/M and 93+/-3%@5L oxygen purity. People can benefit from...

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Product Details


Our respiratory oxgen concentrator adopts the advanced PSA technology and the high purity medical oxygen is separated by physical method with air as the raw material. It has the advantages of quick, safe, economical, convenient and easy replacement of bottled oxygen, which is the preferred choice for long-term oxygen users.

People can benefit from supplemental oxygen therapy. It can help you relax nature remedy for headaches, migraines and hangover. This electric oxgen concentrator can also improve your sleep and mood and calm your mind and stabilizes your nervous system.

Detail Info

1. Compact desin,greatly save the space for you.

2. Light weight, easy to carry with caster.

3. Small size, and easy to operate.

4. Adopting advanced muffler technology, with a silent environment.

5. PSA technology, no need to add chemical materials;

6. High oxygen purity:≥90%@5L;

7. 100% self-patented core components

8. imported sieve beds, long time working with high oxygen purity.





Delivery Rate

1 to 5 LPM

Outlet Pressure

8.5 psi ( 58.6 kpa )

Electrical Rating

115 V/220V, 60 /50Hz, 2.5A (Max.)

Oxygen Percentage

1~5 LPM 93%±2%


37lbs. (16.8 kilograms)

Sound Level

43~45dbA ( overall average )


58.8 x 35.6 x 30.5 cm

Operating System

Time Cycle / Pressure Swing

Know parts

Please take time to familiarize yourself with your electric oxgen concentrator before operating.

Front View (Figure 1)

1. Operating instructions

2. Green Power light—illuminates when your concentrator is operating

3. Power Switch



4.  Flow meter knob

5.  Flow meter

6.  Circuit breaker – (selected units) resets the unit after electrical overload shutdown.

7.  Oxygen outlet—oxygen is dispersed through this port.

8.  Monitor-indicate the condition of system pressure status; oxygen purity status and indicate electric hour meter

9.  Red Service Required light—when illuminated contact you’re HINOR Medical provider.

Back View (Figure 2)

10. Important Safeguards

11. Exhaust

12. Power cord and /or IEC power connector.

13. Air filter—prevents dirt, dust, and lint from entering your unit.






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