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Oxygen Concentrator With 5L Liter Continuous Flow

1.93% oxygen purity. 2.Low noise,less than 40(dBA). 3.Imported molecular sieve from USA, over 30000 hours life and the machine can 24 hours/7 days working. 4.Less maintainance,the PCB,VALVE all from Taiwan,our engineers from Taiwan. 5.OEM/ODM service.

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Product Details

Oxygen concentrator with 5L liter continuous flow

1.The compact Hinor 5L Home Oxygen Concentrator provides easy room-to-room portability thanks to a compact profile, low center of gravity and built-in handle. Equipped with an oxygen sensor, this oxygen concentrator warns the user when oxygen purity levels drop below an established threshold.

2.The oxygen outlet on the Hinor 5L Concentrator is very durable. And customers can choose to install a nitrogen outlet. The built-in filter can be used for 800-1000 hours. The replacement step is very simple.

3.Hinor 5L Oxygen Concentrator Features & Benefits:

1.A low profile design makes the unit easy to transport.

2.Greater stability when moving thanks to a lower center of gravity.

3.Durable oxygen outlet.

4.Easy to service.

5.Oxygen sensor is standard, warning users if purity levels drop below established threshold.







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