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Electric Oxygen Wine Decanter

Electric Oxygen Wine Decanter

The most special aspect of wine is its rich personality and vitality. From growing in the barrel to filling it into a bottle, it can maintain its vitality for a long period of time, until the oak plug is opened, still need to patiently Wait for a while, let it slowly breathe in the air, slowly regained consciousness. Decanters play an important role in this process, and the role of oxygen decanter is particularly prominent.

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Why do you need wine decanter?

1. The main thing is to let red wine touch the air. Complex chemical compounds in red wine react with oxygen in the air and many chemical reactions occur. The relatively sour taste will become softer, and the true taste and scent of the wine will be released.

2. Other old wines will have some sulphur, or moldy taste, and sobering can disperse these tastes and allow the wine to evaporate.

3. Remove the sediment and let the sediment in the red wine remain in the original bottle to avoid affecting the taste of red wine.

Under normal circumstances, the length of breathing time depends on the age and type of wine, ranging from 10 minutes or half an hour, as many as several hours or even days. Relatively speaking, some young wines with rich tannins generally have a longer sobering time, while some older wines are suitable for open and ready-to-drink to prevent residual aromas from running out.

Detailed info:

Sound level



≤ 38dba



AC power



≤ 110W

Operating temperature

5°to 40°C

Detailed images:


(1) The younger the wine, the richer the tannin content, the longer the requisite smoking time.

(2) Fast sobering can be achieved by several conversions between the decanter and the wine bottle;

(3) It is possible to shake the decanter properly to speed up sobering;

(4) Although the wine aerator is sobering, it is not recommended for vintage wines;

(5) For mellow or affordable wines, soberness can enhance its taste;

(6) Learning to help sober up with the aid of candles or mobile flash;

(7) Stainless steel filter can remove tiny particles in wine;

(8) The wine is very sensitive to temperature, so the sobering process needs to be kept at a constant temperature.

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