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Oxygen Red Wine Aerator Decanter

Oxygen Red Wine Aerator Decanter

Works great! Pour a glass of wine and smell it. Pour a glass using the aerator and smell it. Huge difference!

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Product Details

Sound level≤ 38 dB
Size270 x200 x 160(mm)
Weight7 kg
AC power

220 V, 50 Hz

≤ 110W
Operating temperature5° to 40°C

Use OXYGEN's premium wine aerator to release, purify and enhance the true flavor of the wine.

It is carefully designed to inflate the wine immediately, enhancing its natural aroma, richness and complexity.

Simply place the OXYGEN Premium Oerator over the glass and pour it into the large aeration chamber.

Elegant and ergonomic design. Includes a drip-free bracket. The dishwasher is safe. Made of acrylic.

Suitable for all wines! Enjoy more refined wine in seconds. Every kitchen and bar is great!


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