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Oxygen Wine Smart Decanter Aerator

Hinor Oxygen Red Wine Aerator Decanter - Sediment Filter. · Essential wine aerator · Better bouquet · Enhanced flavors · Smoother finish · Enjoy your wine from the very first sip

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Product Details

HINOR Oxygen Red Wine Aerator Decanter - Sediment Filter

Why do we need wine aerator decanter:

It's time to taste your wine!Wine decanter is designed to strengthen the breathing process and release a rich wine.

The premium wine oxygen aerator infuses the perfect amount of oxygen, enhancing the natural aromas

and inflating the room with bubbles.

Each box is equipped with an advanced oxygen wine aerator, a drip proof stand and a filter.


Sound level≤ 38 dB
Size270 x200 x 160(mm)
Weight7 kg
AC power

220 V, 50 Hz

≤ 110W
Operating temperature5° to 40°C

Detailed images:


1. Remove the decanter from the package and remove all packaging.
2. Remove the silicone pad into the bottle.
3. Carefully place the decanter on a level table.
4. Gently place the bottle on top of the decanter metal.
5. Turn on the power and press the power switch to start the decanter.

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