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Hinor Oxygen Sprayer Serum Lush Cosmetics Applications Device

Hinor Oxygen Sprayer Serum Lush Cosmetics Applications Device

HINOR Cosmetics application device used oxygen to spraying the serums on the eyes, neck and body skin, good for oxygen treatent, can improve sales of cosmetics, popular used in the SPA,beaity salon, can also be used at home.

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Product Details

Hinor cosmetics application device with an applicator,also called oxygen sprayer, used for a cosmetic liquid, such as all kind of serums, there is an oxygen system to offer the high pressure oxygen flowrate, the oxygen through the oxygen sprayer spraying the serum on the eye , neck and body skins. It is quite and portable.

The oxygen sprayer can be be handled like a pen, with a piston that is driven to supply the liquid serums.

Combine with oxygen, it is better to rich the skin with oxygen, it can activate cells, recover elasticity,remove wrinkles, slow down aging,make up water, smooth and whiten skins and so on.

The oxygen breathing treatment can relax nerve, decompress, adjust incretion and improve insomnia, headache, irascible, fatigue, etc.

The whole cosmetics applications devices including:

Oxygen sprayer 1pc

oxygen injector 1pc

Oxygen inhalation face mask 1pc

Oxygen nose canula 1pc

Aroma bottle 1pc

oxygen system 1pcs

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