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Oxygen Jet Skin Peel Facial Unit Beauty Device

Hinor oxygen facial unit is good for oxygen therapy and oxygen treatment,we have offered OEM service, for oxygen skin treatment, spa beauty salon equipment

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Product Details

As a professinal supplier of oxygen jet device and oxygen facial unit, Hinor have offered OEM service to AU, USA and EU and some Asia countries,cosmetics companies, beauty salon, SPA, resort, and hotel SPA, Hinor oxygen jet device give them superise .

With good quality and great after sales service, we get good feedbacks from our customers.


Based on the advanced PSA technology, Hinor oxygen facial unit using USA high concentration oxygen molecule, it can get high oxygen purity with high pressure, can make the oxygen faicl unit have good action in oxygen treatments, with oxygen spraying machine, it can spray the nurture out to remove wrinkles and to rejuvenate the skin.

Video of Hinor oxygen facial unit for oxygen jet peel treatment


Oxygen treatments of Hinor oxygen facial unit:

oxygen treatments.png

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