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Salon Cosmetic Injection Skincare Oxygen Facial Machine

The principle of using composite light to achieve the effect of rejuvenation is a new type of photonic composite light is low energy wide-spectrum composite light is the wavelength of 500-6500NM between the visible light far-infrared light energy in the infrared light wave filter combination Harmful X-rays Harmful rays of light such as gamma rays and UV rays Complex light energy releases energy to skin tissue during extreme periods of time Selectively damaging senescent cells and therefore has a good skin repair effect No side effects of the eye. Photorejuvenation device can deeply moisturize and purify the skin, repair cells, change the sub-health state of the skin, fight the aging phenomenon, make the skin care treatment reach the most far-reaching, the most lasting effect, make a course of photon rejuvenation can make people look Young 5 to 10 years old.

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