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Oxygen Jet Facial Machine Skincare Serum Applicator

Oxygen Jet Facial Machine Skincare Serum Applicator for skincare, oxygen treatment. oem for intraceuticals

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Product Details

Effect of O2 oxygen bar equipment oxygen jet facial machine:

Skin care, wrinkle removal, rejuvenation, complex improval, black eyes removal, anti-aging, speckle removal and lift-up.

Speed the metabolism, balance the incretion, postpone the menopause,improve insomnia, decompress and quicken the excretion of toxin.

Minor therapy for more than 20 diseases in human body.

Triplicity: oxygen infusion under high pressure, spray oxygen and aromatizing oxygen inhalation

Beauty effect: high purity oxygen (>95%) and active genes pressured to the

skin and breath system will increase the skin growth.

Health effect: high purity oxygen will cure the diseases caused by oxygen deficiency.

Video of oxygen facial machine:

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