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Multi-Function Face Oxygen Beauty Machine

Multi-Function Face Oxygen Beauty Machine

Oxygen Beauty Machine, Oxygen Infusion Beauty Machine, Oxygen Therapy manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Multi-Function Face and Body Oxygen Beauty Machine Used in Medical SPA, Electric Muscle Stimulation Slimming Machine, Non Surgical Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Machine and so on.

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Product Details

If you are interested in our multi-function face oxygen beauty machine, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We will offer you quality products with competitive price and human design.

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: POC-03B

  • Theory: Oxygen Therapy

  • Product Name: Multifunctional Oxygen and Peeling Therapy

  • Certificates: FDA,ISO13485,CE

  • Trademark: HINOR

  • HS Code: 90191010

  • Type: Oxygen Therapy

  • Portable: Portable

  • Designed in: China

  • Warranty Time: 2 Years

  • Transport Package: Carton Packing

  • Origin: China

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Product Description

Multi-Function Face and Body Oxygen Beauty Machine Used in Medical SPA
(Meet the needs of more effective treatments, Flexibility, Conveniences)

Brief Introduction
Technology of Oxygen Generating: The Foundation of Medical Aesthetic Oxygen Therapy
Oxygenmedix, is a series of updated oxygen therapy products improved on the basis of the technology of PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption). Oxygenmedix applies advanced oxygen generating technology, using micro pore pressure constant intelligent system, intelligent error alarm system, automated circulation cooling system, and noise reduction system, which contribute in its leading position in the field of oxygen generating.
Depending on the Race twenty years of aesthetic and medical beauty field practice experience, the medical research team successfully applied this oxygen generating technology to medical aesthetics and beauty treatment. At same time, Oxygenmedix adheres to the RaceMBE "painless, non-invasive, safe physical beauty" concept, and creates a new era of oxygen therapy.
Now, products from Oxygenmedix family such as pure oxygen, ozone and oxygen photodynamic therapy had been widely used in global more than 5000 beauty spa and medical spa. Whether in anti-aging, skin, raise development or medical treatment of pain are has been the industry's consistent approval.
Especially in combination the achievements on biological micro current, photodynamic therapy and negative pressure therapy with oxygen therapy skin technology, Race achieves the concept of healthy living of the aesthetics "maintenance, repairs and retaining".

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OxySpa(II) Phase: providing an innovative pure oxygen therapy
1. Oxygen Infusion and Active Principles
The Oxygen Infusion is a special oxygen facial and body treatment technique, developed by RaceMBE, which uses a pureness of between 93% and 98% concentrated oxygen at 2 bars of pressure. Without using needles, it is therefore possible to perform an oxygen facial and body treatment which allows the penetration through the natural channels between the cells. Once the skin has been penetrated the active principles then begin to work.

2. Oxygen Spray and Vitamins
This treatment produces a delicate flow of pure oxygen that gently massages the skin, stimulating and relaxing it at the same time. An excellent remedy for injured or irritated tissue thanks to the beneficial, revitalizing, cicatrizing and antiseptic effects of oxygen that activate and accelerate the skin natural healing mechanisms.

3. Oxygen Inhalation and Aromatherapy
With this unit oxygen inhalation can also be combined with specific essential oils, an ideal antidote to the stress of modern life and a way of rediscovering emotional and psycho-physical stability. Oxygen inhalation combined with aromatherapy has a detoxifying effect on the body helping in the fight against pollution, smog, smoke, stress and exhaustion. At the same time it revitalizes the body when physical energy is low. This winning combination relaxes both body and mind as well as reawakening mnemonic abilities and concentration and re-establishing harmony, well-being and a positive attitude.

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Specifications of OxySpa(II) Phase

DescriptorCharacteristic Parameter
Rated input voltageAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz or AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz (optional)
Oxygen generation· Oxygen generator: Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
+Patent Dynamic Poise System
· Input: Air
· Output: High Purity oxygen
· Automatic monitoring of oxygen concentration
Oxygen inhalation· Oxygen flow: 1-5L/Min
· Oxygen consistency: 93%±2% 1-3L
· Wet oxygen through the wet bottle
· Oxygen flow can be adjusted
Oxygen spray· Oxygen consistency: 93±2%
Oxygen infusion· Oxygen infusion pressure: >2.2bar
· Infusion mode: adjustable pulsed rhythm
· Oxygen consistency: 93±2%
Dimension375cm(D)×210cm(W)×333 cm(H) / 37.5"x21"x33.3"
Net weight8Kg

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