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Professional Skincare Oxygen Acne Facial Beauty Treatment Machine for Home Use

Professional skincare oxygen acne facial beauty treatment machine for SPA beauty salon POCA06B Description of Professional skincare oxygen acne facial beauty treatment machine: The HINOR POCA06B a professional skincare oxygen beauty system popular in EU, USA, and more other countries, some...

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Product Details


The HINOR POCA06B is a professional oxygen beauty machine for home use, which is popular in EU, USA, and more other countries, even some Hollywood's famous stars love this oxygen treatment.

It is used for skincare,facial treatments of face and body, which is also good for spa, beauty salon or home use. With good design, it has the advantages of high pressure, digital flow meter and easy to operate for skincare.

This professinal oxygen facial treatment is ideal for:

Fine lines and wrinkles

Enlarged pores and dull skin

Dehydrated skin

Congested skin

Dermatitis and eczema, Acne

Weather-beaten skin


1. Digital flowmeter

2. High out pressure

3. Portable design, easy to move with caster.

4. Low cost of oxygen, get the pure oxygen from air directly, need to oxygen cylinder.

5. Less maintenance , just change the inlet filter on time.




Delivery Rate (Lower delivery rates available for low application)

1 to 10LPM

Outlet Pressure


Electrical Rating

220 V, 50 Hz/ 110V 60Hz

Oxygen Percentage

1~10 LPM 93%±2%



Sound Level ( ISO 8359:1996 from front )



(L)300*(W)360* (H)550mm

Operating System

Time Cycle / Pressure Swing

Air Brush Specification

Nozzle Diameter


Fluid Cup Capacity



HINOR oxygen beauty system(001).jpg



This is a sophisticated, needle-free procedure which offers four treatments in one, including:

A. Oxygen Inhalation - Inhalation with relaxing aromatherapy and pressure point massage (optional) to improve skin and digestive system

B. Facial Oxygen Infusion - Pulsing advanced skin care solutions and pure oxygen into the skin

C. Body Oxygen Infusion - Infusing oxygen into the body via a tailor-made treatment

D. Oxygen Spray - Water or skin care solutions and oxygen is combined to gently penetrate and rejuvenate the skin


Oxygen Infusion is a valid addition to other treatments such as:

1.  Micro-exfoliation procedures

2.  Tachi-percussion or dermo-abrasion treatments

3.  Chemical Peeling

4.  Laser CO2

5.  Skin surgery

6.  Post sessions of mesotherapy/biorevitalization (after a week)


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