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Facial Spa Equipment With US Plug Or EU Plug

Our beauty models comes with: 1.Full facial mask: it can be used when we have a facial massage. we can put this mask on our face and our facial skin can get a better level because the temperature and oxygen purity is good at that time.   2.Oxygen injector: it can help to get more oxygen for our facial skin and can make skin breath smoothly and it is necessary for facial spa.   3.Oxygen airbrush: It is used to put some cosmetic in it and it will helps our skin absorb the cosmetics better.   4.As for the humidifier: You can put some aroma into it to produce more our facial skin absorb more fragrance.

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Product Details

Facial spa equipment with US plug or EU plug

1.Vacuum - Allows a deep cleansing of the skin, brings skins impurities to the surface, aiding in easy extractions. Benefits: Deep pore cleansing of the skin. 

2.Spray - Cools and Soothes the skin. Aiding in absorption into the dermis. Benefits: Aids products into skin, providing deep moisture and product benefits. 

3.Facial message - Moistens and cleanses skin. Steam causes pores to expand and stimulates blood circulation. Comes with an adjustable extension arm that will allow a broader facial steam. Unit Includes a timer, and Alarm Settings. 

4.Benefits: Moisten and cleanses the skin. Steam causes pores to expand and stimulates blood circulation. The ozone variety of steam is also capable of increasing cell oxygenation.


1. Rejuvenate sun damaged skin-face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. 

2. Reduce age spots.

3. Minimize of blotchy skin coloring.

4. Reduce acne and superficial scars from past injury.

5. Remove blackheads and white heads.

6. Reduce oily skin.

7. Improve overall skin health.






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