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Oxygen Spray Skin Peeling Anti Aging Machine

1.Full facial mask: it can be used when we have a facial mask. we can put this mask on our face and our facial skin can get a better level because the temperature and oxygen purity is good at that time   2.Oxygen injector: it can help to get more oxygen for our facial skin and can make skin breath smoothly and it is necessary for facial spa.   3.Oxygen airbrush: It is used to put some cosmetic in it and it will helps our skin absorb the cosmetics better.   4.As for the humidifier: You can put some aroma into it to produce more our facial skin absorb more fragrance.

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Product Details

Oxygen Spray Skin Peeling Anti Aging Machine

Trement results:

1.Smoothes and plumps




5.Refines pores

6.Detoxifies and deeply cleanses skin

7.Minimizes the look of large pores and thick skin

8.Decreases hyperpigmentation and sun spots

9.Thoroughly exfoliates

10.Promotes the production of new collagen and elasticity in skin

Technical specifications:

1.Max airflow rate: 10 L/min

2.Vacuum pressure: 21PSI

3.Input voltage: 110V/220 V

4.Input frequency: 50/60 Hz

5.CE Registered

6.2-year Warranty

7.Lifetime Customer technical Support

9.Net weight:20KG



POCA06B-10L  2M



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