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Powerful Pressure Facial Beauty Equipment With Facial Mask Korea

1.Full facial mask: it can be used when we have a facial massage. we can put this mask on our face and our facial skin can get a better level because the temperature and oxygen purity is good at that time.   2.Oxygen injector: it can help to get more oxygen for our facial skin and can make skin breath smoothly and it is necessary for facial spa. 3.Oxygen airbrush: It is used to put some cosmetic in it and it will helps our skin absorb the cosmetics better.   4.As for the humidifier: You can put some aroma into it to produce more our facial skin absorb more fragrance.

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Powerful pressure facial beauty equipment with facial mask korea

Oxygen Microdermabrasion Machine:

  1. The Oxygen Microdermabrasion Machine can give you a detoxifying Oxygen Facial which is excellent for clearing pollutants and toxins from the skin thus improving cell function and increasing oxygen intake. It combines the healing effects of oxygen into your Microdermabrasion treatment. By boosting oxygen levels, the result is a younger, fresher looking skin This system is the most technologically advanced Microdermabrasion machine in the world. Developed in the USA after extensive research, it offers the therapist safety, and complete precision with maximum control and total flexibility in skin exfoliation. It is superior to traditional methods because the complex skin tissues are biologically respected. 

  2. Through regular stimulation and Micro-Circulation of needed oxygen into the skin, the treatment aids in the production of new collagen and elastin formulation. Achieve complete, immediate and visible results in less than 30 minutes! Absolutely perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Deep lines and visible wrinkles fade with regular treatment. 

Oxygen jet spray

Nutrition or cosmetic product can be filled into the stainless steel bottle. With high pressure, the nutrition and oxygen are sprayed on the skin area which greatly enhance nutrition to be absorbed maximally, skin cleaning and skin rejuvenation.


1. Even out the skin tone.

2. Minimize the size of the pores.

3. Clear up blackheads and whiteheads.

4. Improve skin texture, tone and elasticity.

5. For better absorption of skin-care products.

6. Minimize the appearance of mild stretch marks.

7. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

8. Reduce the appearance of skin spots caused by sun and age.

9. Minimize the appearance of acne scars and superficial scarring.

10. Help to boost collagen production to provide firming and toning to the complexion.







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