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Professinal 10L Oxygen Facial Skin Care Machine POCA06B-10L

Professinal 10L oxygen facial skin care machine POCA06B-10L is only professinal one China oxygen facial machine for beauty business, it is also used for cosmetics applicator device, match with the cosmetics products, good benefits products. You can get oxygen facial machine in wholesale, OEM service.

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Product Details

Professinal 10L oxygen facial skin care machine POCA06B-10L

As a good manufacturer supplier of oxygen facial machine, we offering good quality machine, good service, OEM service is available.

It is the good choice for cosmetics companies, match with your cosmetics.

It is good oxygen facial machine for oxygen treatment and oxygen skincare, popular in AU, USA and EU etc.

We also offer wholse sale, and offer the oxygen facial device with customerized color and logo.




Delivery Rate(Lower delivery rates available for low application)

1 to 10LPM

Outlet Pressure


Electrical Rating

220 V, 50 Hz/ 110V 60Hz

Oxygen Percentage

1~10 LPM 93%±2%



Sound Level ( ISO 8359:1996 from front )



(L)300*(W)360* (H)550mm

Operating System

Time Cycle / Pressure Swing

Air Brush Specification

Nozzle Diameter


Fluid Cup Capacity


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