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Professional Oxygen Facial Equipment Treatment for Face and Body

Description of oxygen treatment skincare oxygen facial equipment: The HINOR POC-03B - Our professional oxygen treatment skincare device, oxygen facial equipment...

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Product Details


The professional oxygen facial treatment can used for both face and body. Oxygen Infusion is an intense treatment which revitalizes the skin from its deeper layers. This exclusive HINOR Beauty system is based on the use of special handpieces which “inject” oxygen and active principles in depth without using needles. It has the advantages of light, simple operation, luxury golden color looks, safe, painless, non-invasive, no obvious thermal effect, no risk of burns.

It is an advanced oxygen facial equipment for face skincare aiming at different skin symptoms to fundamentally improve skin quality and various skin problems. We can also color OEM service.


1. Fashionablel design
2. Get oxygen from the air directly
3. Easy to operate
4. Less maintenance, just need to change the filter when necessary.
5. Making oxygen at any time, continuous oxygen supply
6. Almighty gas line process control system are the low-voltage, stable performance
7. Our skincare oxygen facila machine is safe, working reliable, low noise.




Delivery Rate (Lower delivery rates available for low application)

1 to 5 LPM

Outlet Pressure

8.5 psi ( 58.6 kpa )

Electrical Rating

220 V, 50 Hz/ 110V 60Hz

Oxygen Percentage

1~3 LPM 93%±2%



Sound Level ( ISO 8359:1996 from front )



(L)375*(W)210* (H)333mm

Operating System

Time Cycle / Pressure Swing

Air Brush Specification

Nozzle Diameter


Fluid Cup Capacity



Packing of skincare oxygen facial machine:


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